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Amy V. Lindenberger, CPSA*

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*Denotes the artist is a Signature Member of the Colored Pencil Society of America

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Amy Lindenberger's Studio

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A. V. Lindenberger's
Civil War Fine Art
Studio & Gallery
333 Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325
(717) 338-3463





Civil War History of 333 Baltimore Ave in Gettysburg
A. V. Lindenberger's Civil War Fine Art Studio and Gallery in Gettysburg

Daniel Josiah Benner
The Jacob Benner House


 Civil War Fine Art Gallery



  Beyond the Battlefield Series

Beyond the Battlefield Print Order Form
Small and mini framed prints.htm

A Hard Road to Travel:  the Hidden in Plain View Controversy and Historical Art 
Presented by A. V. Lindenberger
at The Women's History Symposium, Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg, PA on April 1 - 3, 2005.


  Plein Air Drawings

   Plein Air Drawings 2008
Artist Statement on Plein Air Drawings

  • Twin Sycamores
  • George Weikert Farm from the northwest
  • Trostle farm #1
  • Eisenhower Farm from West Confederate Ave
  • Battlefield farm
  • The Bryan Barn
  • The George Spangler Farm

   Plein Air Drawings 2009

  • Pennsylvania Hall Cupola
  • North Carolina Monument
  • McPherson Barn
  • Eternal Peace Light Monument
  • Codori Barn
  • Trostle and Codori Barns
  • View from Hauser Winery #1
  • View from Hauser Winery #2

   Plein Air Drawings 2010

  • Round Barn Cupola
  • Sachs Covered Bridge
  • Lincoln Statue at Visitor Center
  • Henry Culp Farm
  • Plein air drawing #5
  • "The Angle" and the Codori Farm.

Gettysburg Today

The Battle of Gettysburg Christmas During the Civil War


   Gettysburg Civilians During the War

More Civil War Drawings

The Abolitionists


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Publication Covers Drawn by A. V. Lindenberger

  The Gettysburg Experience, June 2010
Early Morning Solitude, the Henry Culp Farm cover image.

  The Gettysburg Experience, December 2009
Union Christmas in Camp cover image.

 Fortitudine #34, Volume 4, 2009
Magazine for Marines;  John Brown cover image.

 The Shriver House drawn for Eyewitnesses to the Battle of Gettysburg by Nancie W. Gudmestad.

To Arms! was selected as a book cover illustration for the novel, Fathers, Sons, and Brothers, by James "Gus" Filegar, published 2003

Other Publications Using A. V. Lindenberger Drawings

Southern Chronicle Reproduction, Spring 2009

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Beyond the Battlefield - The Battle of Gettysburg - More Civil War Drawings - Gettysburg Civilians During the War
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Gettysburg Today - Plein Air Drawings of Gettysburg

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