Gettysburg Tribute

"The world. . .can never forget what they did here." - A. Lincoln

In visiting Civil War battlefields, I have always been struck by the irony of the extreme contrast between the quiet and serenity we find there today, and the utter chaos and sheer terror they certainly would have held at the time of the battle. 

The view depicted here is the portion of the field from which the Confederate army began Pickett's Charge, and to which the survivors returned after that ill-fated attack. 

The present-day portion of the drawing shows the Virginia Memorial and the quiet green fields we find there today; the portion representing the battlefield of 1863 -- seen in the center as a sort of "brushed-on" area -- depicts a returning Confederate survivor, devastated at the mass destruction he has just witnessed.


The Original Artwork
Framed Dimensions:  32 1/4 x 38 3/4
Image: 22 x 28 1/2
Price:  $1575.00

Giclée Reproductions
Open Edition
Image Size: 11 1/2 x 15
Price: $40.00


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