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Amy V. Lindenberger, CPSA

                                                         (March 2005)

After fifteen years as a renowned portrait artist and private drawing instructor, Ohio native Amy Lindenberger, CPSA began pursuing her dream: to combine her experience in depicting human expression and emotion with her lifelong passion for the Civil War era.  The culmination of this effort can be seen in Beyond the Battlefield, a series of large-scale colored pencil images which focus on the war’s effect on the citizen-soldier, his wife and children, and society as a whole.  Amy’s work depicts with great sensitivity the personal realities of the Civil War in the lives of both soldiers and civilians, and provides a wonderful complement to the battle scenes and high drama depicted by other Civil War artists.  In the Spring of 2004, she opened her Civil War Fine Art Gallery & Studio in Gettysburg, PA, to showcase this body of work.

In 1990, Amy became a charter member of the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA), an organization which now boasts over 1600 members in 16 countries.  In 2002, Amy was awarded Signature Status by the CPSA, a distinction earned for having three pieces of work accepted into the Society’s international exhibitions within a ten-year period. In July 2006 she received the Society’s Five-Year Merit Award.  In addition, Amy has shown her work in a wide variety of local, regional and national exhibitions, receiving numerous awards.  Her work has been published in four internationally-distributed books, The Best of Colored Pencil, Vols. I, II, and IV, and Creative Colored Pencil Portraits, and was featured in the Winter 2006 edition of American Artist Drawing magazine.  Beyond the Battlefield has been exhibited in solo shows at The Little Art Gallery in North Canton, OH in 2004, and at Harrisburg Area Community College in Gettysburg during Women’s History month in 2006.  Amy was the featured artist at the 2004 March to Destiny Civil War Encampment in Shippensburg, PA, and served as a lecturer at the Women’s History Symposium in Gettysburg in 2005.



The vast majority of contemporary Civil War artwork focuses on the “grander” dramas of nineteenth century life: the large-scale battle scenes, the well-known generals, and the heroes of the battlefield.  Those things are stirring and inspirational to all Civil War enthusiasts, and there are a good number of highly-skilled artists portraying them with accurate detail and powerful emotion.  But just as in our own era, in the life of the common man such larger-than-life experiences and people were the exception, not the rule.  Most of life’s fabric consisted then, as it does today, of quieter, less obviously dramatic moments.  In the hope that these moments – the threads which run through the lives of all of us, binding us to other generations and making us more fully human – will not be overlooked or forgotten, I present my series of Civil War images, Beyond the Battlefield.

The series is comprised of two categories: Sword Across the Threshold and Women of Distinction.  Together they present a chronological portrayal of events and experiences of this defining epoch in our American heritage.

The drawings in Sword Across the Threshold take us back to situations in which an 1860’s man – a citizen-soldier – and his family might have found themselves as the drama of the war unfolded.  Whether Union or Confederate, the war created many of the same circumstances and emotions in the day-to-day lives and relationships of those who were destined to fight it.

The Women of Distinction group focuses on women of the era whose contributions to the Civil War were notable and whose images deserve to be made more recognizable than those seen in century-old photographs.

Through Beyond the Battlefield, I plan to take my audience through the events which were played out in thousands of lives and homes of American soldiers, north and south.  The series is not about just one family; it is about many families.  It is often not about a specific soldier, but about the majority of soldiers.  And, in a larger sense, it is not even exclusive to the Civil War era, but addresses emotions and scenarios which repeat themselves throughout generations, including our own.

Amy V. Lindenberger


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