Notions of Safety and Security; Judith Henry
Early Morning Solitude (The Henry Culp Farm)
Sunset, George Weikert Farm
Civil War Christmas Tree
The Shriver House (Bookcover)
Lem Snyder's Cow
Seven Plein Air Drawings:
The George Spangler Farm
The Bryan Barn
Battlefield farm
Eisenhower Farm from West Confederate Ave
Trostle  Barn and Land
George Weikert Farm from the Northwest
Twin Sycamores
Noah's Ark Christmas
Sarah Emma Edmonds II: Transformation/Liberation
Autumn Embrace
Summer Sunset, McPherson Farm
2011 Plein Air Drawings:
The Eisenhower Farm
Danner House
Beech Springs Farm
Views from Hauser Winery
Rose Farmhouse with Barn Ruins
Devil's Den
The Fate of Nellie's Bonnet
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July 2011
Windows of Gettysburg IV: The Brafferton Inn
Carden Commission
Reese Commission
Dusk at Devil's Den
Sunset, Peter Frey Farm
Sunset, Klingel Barn
Abraham Lincoln, 1861
Frederick Douglass #3
Six Plein Air Drawings:
Peace Light Memorial from the Northwest
Early June Morning, Little Round Top
Evergreen Cemetery Gatehouse
Pennsylvania Monument
Barn, Henry Culp Farm
Gettysburg Railroad Depot
Shriver Commission
Witness Tree, Devil's Den
Civil War and Gettysburg Artwork in Year Completed