I view the plein air pieces I have thus far produced as "studies" or "sketches and have made very few if any improvements to the works after leaving the site.  Many artists like to focus exclusively on plein air painting, believing it to be a superior way of working.  In my case, I began plein air painting in June 2008, as a way of enhancing my other work and challenging myself to work quickly and loosely, disciplining myself to make choices and decisions in a very short period of time - a very different way of working compared to the labor-intensive, slow layering approach of my traditional colored pencil work.

                                                                                                                            - - - Amy V. Lindenberger

Twin Sycamores

George Weikert Farm from the northwest


 Barn and Land


Eisenhower Farm from West Confederate Ave


Battlefield farm
The James Warfield House


The Bryan Barn


The George Spangler Farm


This page contains A. V. Lindenberger's 2008 Plein Air Drawings of Gettysburg

2008 Plein Air Drawings of Gettysburg
2009 Plein Air Drawings of Gettysburg
2010 Plein Air Drawings of Gettysburg
2011 Plein Air Drawings of Gettysburg

Plein Air Drawings are sold as originals only.  To check for availability and price, click here.

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