Newspaper and Magazine Articles
About Amy Lindenberger and Her Civil War Artwork

●   "Ordinary People in Midst of War", The Repository, June 26, 2011 

●  "East Berlin artist wins juried exhibit honor",, June 11, 2011 

●   Convention and Visitors Bureau Press Release, November 24, 2010

●   "Completing the Picture", Celebrate Gettysburg, May 2010

●  "Civil War Fine Art:  A Personal Glimpse, A Unique Perspective", The Gettysburg Experience, August 2009

 "Drawing Attention Civil War Artists Depicts the Quiet Moments of an Era", Elegant Living, Winter 2008

●   "Artist Amy Lindenberger To Introduce Third In A Series Of Shriver House Christmas Prints", Gettysburg Convention & Visitors Bureau News Online, November 2006

●  "Women's History Month Celebration at Gettysburg Campus of HACC", HACC Press Release, March 2006

●   "What's Happening in Colored Pencil", The American Artist Drawing Magazine, Winter 2006

●   "January 2006 Featured Artist", Ohio Arts and Crafts Guild, January 2006

●  "Local Artist Drawn to History by Dottie McGrew", Our Town, North Canton, August 2004

●   "Waynesboro's Fall Foliage Festival Kicks off by Michael L. Owens" and "Events Continue Today in Waynesboro b

●  "Exhibit of Drawings of Civil War Kicks Off by

●  "Minor Civil War Subjects Drawn to Life by Dorothy Shinn",  Akron Beacon Journal, June 12, 2004

●  "SHAPE Gallery to Focus on Civil War by Dale Heberlig", The Sentinel, May 2004

●   "Newcomers Capture Honors at VAC Exhibitby Sue Ginnetti", The Chagrin Valley Times, November 7, 2002

●  "Amy Lindenberger Paints a Story with Introduction by Vera Curnow", The Colored Pencil of America's member's magazine To The Point, Summer 2002

  "Ohio Artist Relies on 'Common Man' Theme", The Civil War Courier, April 2001

●  "Event aims to draw new students", The Akron Beacon Journal, May 17, 1998

Book and Magazine Covers

● The Colored Pencil Society of America's 2011 Membership Directory, features Departure as the cover art.

●  The Gettysburg Experience, a magazine about activities in Gettysburg published "Early Morning Solitude, the Henry Culp Farm" on the cover of the June 2010 edition.

●  The Gettysburg Experience, a magazine about activities in Gettysburg published "Union Christmas in Camp"on the cover of the December 2009 edition.

●  Fortitudine, a magazine for Marines, published "John Brown, Abolitionist" on the cover of Volume 34, #4, 2009.

●  "The Shriver House" was drawn by A. V. Lindenberger for the book, Eyewitnesses to the Battle of Gettysburg by Nancie W. Gudmestad.

●  "To Arms!" was selected by the author as a book cover illustration for the novel, Fathers, Sons, and Brothers, by James "Gus" Filegar, 2003.

Promotional Materials using AVL Civil War Art

●  "The Union Is Dissolved" was used in one of the graphic panels in an exhibit for the Civil War blockade runner the Nashville, Georgia, 2009.

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