2014 Christmas Cards from:

A. V. Lindenberger's
Civil War Fine Art Gallery & Studio
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Current Card Selection in 2014
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Christmas in Camp, Confederate
Christmas in Camp, Union
Christmas Candles, Confederate
Christmas Candles, Union
Christmas in Gettysburg I
Christmas in Gettysburg II
Civil War Christmas Tree
Confederate Mistletoe
Noah's Ark
Shriver Christmas 2004
Shriver Christmas 2005
Shriver Christmas 2006
Shriver Christmas 2012
Shriver Christmas 2013 -- Silent Night  
Simple Gifts
Simple Traditions
Windows of Gettysburg I: The Shriver House
Windows of Gettysburg II: The Benner House
Windows of Gettysburg III: The Dobbin House
Windows of Gettysburg IV: The Brafferton Inn
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