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The Sarah Emma Edmonds Series

Artist's Statement


Harriet Beecher Stowe,
"The Advocate"

Judith Henry

Notions of Safety and Security

Far from Home

The Awakening

End of Innocence

Council of War

If Ever There Were a Righteous Cause

Hilton Head Plantation Slave

Hard Road to Travel

Moment of Truth

Road to Bull Run


Rose O'Neal Greenhow
Red-Hot Fires of Patriotism

Road to Manassas

Waiting for War

No Idle Hands

Best Friends

To Arms!

Mary Boykin Chesnut 

Witness to War

The Union Is Dissolved!

A Promise to Return

Conflict of Interest

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All of the drawings above are available for purchase either as originals; limited edition reproductionsmatted and framed mini-prints; or, as blank-verse note cards.   Contact the artist for more information on available formats of any image that you might be interested in purchasing.  A catalogue containing all of the images and narratives included in Beyond the Battlefield is available through the artist.


Read the Artist's Statement about the series, Beyond the Battlefield


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