The Union is Dissolved!

A Southern Volunteer Arrays Himself in a New Suit,
a New Attitude and a New Role for His New Country

The headline, "The UNION is DISSOLVED!", appeared in the Charleston Mercury when South Carolina seceded from the Union on December 20, 1860.  After the fall of Fort Sumter in April of 1861, Southerners came out by the thousands to volunteer in the service of their newly-formed country.  While the reasons for secession were many, the average Southern soldier did not fully analyze all of the politics involved.  He was most often a farmer, a man of meager means, whose primary motivation for enlisting was an intense desire to protect his family, his land -- in short, his home -- from invasion.  The uniform of the soldier, particularly the kepi with blue insert, is representative of an early issue Confederate uniform.  The flag depicted is one version of the Stars and Bars, the first Confederate national flag, including stars for each of the eleven Confederate states.


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