Overview of All Civil War Artwork by
Amy V. Lindenberger, CPSA by Series

Beyond the Battlefield is the artist's primary series of work as well as a fine art series with a dual focus:

Sword Across the Threshold takes the viewer into the private lives and emotional turmoil of the 1860's family as they confront the conflict of a divided nation. The call to battle soon forces them to confront their own divided loyalties to home and country as the needs and duties to each collide.

Women of Distinction
focuses on women of the era who significantly impacted, or, who were greatly impacted by, the Civil War. Based on existing biographical information and availability of period photographic images, A. V. Lindenberger has rendered likenesses to give these deserving women a face to remember. (The drawings in this collection have titles above and below their images.)

•Beyond the Battlefield Collection

Current work in progress



This series, still in its early stages, will focus on the less-recognized people and occurrences of this prominent Civil War battle.


Battle of Gettysburg Artwork



There is an impressive collection of first-hand accounts of the experiences of a broad sampling of Gettysburg townsfolk during the historic Battle, archived by the Adams County Historical Society.  There also have been several well-researched and interesting books written over the past few decades about these people and their experiences, but as yet no artist has chosen to render their stories in any comprehensive way.  This series will try to bring to light in a visual way, the personal realities of the people living in Gettysburg in July of 1863.

Gettysburg Civilians During the War Artwork




This series explores scenes typical of an 1860’s Christmas, sometimes from a Northern, sometimes from a Southern, but always from an American, perspective.


Images in the series,  Christmas During the Civil War



Just like many visitors to Gettysburg, Ms. Lindenberger is impacted by the present-day battlefield landscapes, monuments and architecture in each season.  Her impressions of the sites she views on a daily basis are the focus of Gettysburg Today.

Gettysburg Today Artwork


This group of drawings were done en plein air, a French phrase meaning “in the open air”.  These pieces are done in watercolor and colored pencil, and are scenes of the Gettysburg battlefield or surrounding areas.  A piece may be referred to as “plein air” as long as the majority of the work was done on-site and only minor adjustments are made later in the studio. 

Plein Air Drawings 2008 ~ Plein Air Drawings 2009
Plein Air Drawings 2010



From time to time the artist finds it meaningful to render images of certain people or scenes of Civil War sites as “supporting characters” to help complete the story of the war told in her primary series, Beyond the Battlefield. In addition, certain other images are done to meet a specific public request, or commemorate an anniversary of a specific event.

More Civil War Drawings
Anti-Slavery Activists


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