What is “The Civil War Chronology Project”?
(previously called The Civil War 150 Project)
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August 26, 2012

This is the name I have given to the ongoing project I have developed for myself to chronicle the lesser-known people and events of the Civil War era beginning with the
publication of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s
Uncle Tom’s Cabin in  1852, and continuing through the end of the Civil War and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in April 1865.
I currently have created more than twenty pieces which were inspired by the incidents and people in the years leading up to, and just beyond, the First Battle of Manassas (also
known as First Bull Run). Though the series is slow to unfold, I have a firm commitment to allowing each piece whatever amount of time it may take to see completion; I
believe it is the best way to give respect to those Americans  who lived through this defining era.   --Amy V. Lindenberger
Historical Event
A. V. Lindenberger Artwork Relating to Historical Events
Publication of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Beecher Stowe, Abolitionist

Hard Road to Travel
Raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia) by John Brown
and his raiders

John Brown, Abolitionist

Frederick Douglass, Abolitionist
November 1860
Lincoln wins presidential election
Candidate Lincoln #1

Candidate Lincoln #2

December 1860
South Carolina secedes from the Union in December

The Union is Dissolved!
April 1861
Confederate attack on Fort Sumter off the coast of South Carolina,
generally considered the inauguration of the Civil War.
Mary Boykin Chesnut, Witness to War

To Arms!
Late Spring/Early
Summer 1861
Preparations for war commence, affecting many aspects of American

Conflict of Interest

A Promise to Return

Best Friends

No Idle Hands

If Ever There Were a Righteous Cause

Waiting for War
July 21, 1861
The First Battle of Manassas (also known as The First Battle of Bull

Rose O'Neal Greenhow

Road to Manassas

Road to Bull Run

Moment of Truth

The End of Innocence

The Awakening

Far from Home

The Notions of Safety and Security

The Sarah Emma Edmonds series
Late July 1861
Defeated Federal troops retreat to Washington with their wounded

Study of Clara Barton